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PALWORLD, a game that seamlessly intertwines survival, crafting, and monster taming, presents players with an immersive world where the art of farming takes center stage. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of PALWORLD farming, encompassing ranch management, animal husbandry, and the strategic utilization of Pals to optimize resource yields (How To Farm EVERY Material In Palworld).

What is Farming in PALWORLD

Contrary to its name, farming in PALWORLD isn’t confined to crops and soil management but extends into ranches and animal husbandry. This distinction adds a unique layer to the gameplay, where understanding the nuances of each aspect becomes crucial¹. The farming skill, more accurately described as Animal Husbandry, encompasses the management of Pals for diverse resource yields, including milk, wool, and eggs¹.

Pals, the creatures you befriend in PALWORLD, don’t scale uniformly in farming. Despite every Pal having a base Farming level of 1, their drops vary significantly, adding an element of complexity to the resource-gathering dynamics¹. The Farming ability of Pals opens the door to a total of 11 different goods, providing players with a diverse range of materials¹.


Embarking on Ranch Construction Process

Initiating the farming journey requires the construction of a Ranch, a pivotal structure in PALWORLD. Attaining level 5 and allocating ability points to unlock the building skill sets the stage for ranch establishment¹. Constructing a ranch is a straightforward process, demanding a minimal investment of 20 Stone, 30 Fiber, and 50 Wood¹. Once the ranch is in place, assigning Pals permanently to the ranch becomes a full-time endeavor¹.

How to Optimize Ranch Operations with Farming Pals

The heart of farming lies in staffing your ranch with Pals capable of generating specific materials. Wool, an early and valuable material, finds its source in Pals like Cremis, Lamball, and Melpaca, all conveniently located in the Windswept Hills¹. Eggs, another prized resource, contribute to the game’s crafting mechanics¹.


  • Minerals: These are found by mining nodes scattered around the world. The best places to find specific minerals vary, but some general tips include:
    • Coal: Found in caves and underground areas.
    • Iron Ore: Found in mountainous regions.
    • Copper Ore: Found in desert regions.
    • Gold Ore: Found in snowy regions.
    • Palladium Ore: Found in the deepest parts of caves.
  • Plants: These can be found growing in the wild or planted in your own farm. Some commonly farmed plants include:
    • Cotton: Used for making cloth. Found in plains and grasslands.
    • Hemp: Used for making rope and biofuel. Found in swamps and marshes.
    • Wheat: Used for making food and potions. Found in plains and grasslands.
    • Mushrooms: Used for making potions and medicine. Found in caves and forests.
  • Animal Drops: Many animals will drop materials when they are killed or captured. Some commonly farmed animals include:
    • Boars: Drop leather and meat.
    • Deer: Drop fur and meat.
    • Chickens: Drop feathers and eggs.
    • Rabbits: Drop fur and meat.
  • Treasure Chests: These can be found scattered around the world and contain a variety of random materials.
  • Pal Capture & Breeding: Capturing and breeding Pals is another way to obtain materials. Different Pals will drop different materials when they are killed or harvested. You can also breed Pals to create new Pals with different materials.


  • Use a resource scanner to help you find specific materials.
  • Build a farm to grow your own plants and animals.
  • Capture and breed Pals to obtain specific materials.
  • Use treasure chests to find random materials.
  • Be aware that the best places to farm materials may change depending on your location and progress in the game.

Conclusion: The Harvest of Mastery

Mastering the art of farming in PALWORLD goes beyond the mundane act of tending to crops. It involves strategic ranch management, thoughtful selection of Pals, and the meticulous orchestration of resources. With the right approach, players can amass not only a plethora of eggs and wool but also unlock the potential for financial gains within the game world¹. Armed with this guide, venture forth into the PALWORLD, and may your farming endeavors be bountiful and prosperous!
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