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Sulfur is a yellow mineral that can be used for crafting various items in Palworld, such as bullets, explosives, and medicine. Sulfur is also essential for upgrading your base and unlocking new technologies. In this blog post, I will show you the best locations, methods, and tips for getting sulfur in Palworld.

Best Locations for Sulfur

Sulfur can be found in two main biomes: the desert and the volcano. These are the hottest areas of the map, so you will need to prepare accordingly. You can recognize sulfur deposits by their yellow color and distinctive shape. Here are some of the best locations for sulfur in each biome:

  • Desert: The desert biome is located to the northwest of the starting island. You can find sulfur deposits scattered around the sand dunes and near the cacti. The desert is relatively safe, but you may encounter some hostile pals, such as Scorpions and Sandsharks. You can also find some rare pals, such as Camels and Phoenices, in the desert.
  • Volcano: The volcano biome is located to the southwest of the map. You can find sulfur deposits near the lava pools and on the slopes of Mount Obsidian. The volcano is very dangerous, as you will face high temperatures, lava flows, and powerful pals, such as Dragons and Lavas. You can also find some legendary pals, such as Ifrit and Phoenix, in the volcano.
  • Dungeons: While less common, some Dungeons scattered across the world might also contain Sulfur deposits. Explore these dungeons cautiously, as they are often home to challenging creatures.

How to Mine Sulfur

To mine sulfur, you will need a pickaxe, which you can craft or buy from a shop. You can also use a pal with the dig skill, such as Digtoys, to help you mine faster. To mine sulfur, simply approach a sulfur deposit and hit it with your pickaxe or pal. You will get sulfur chunks, which you can stack in your inventory or store in your base.

1. Mining Essentials:

  • Metal Pickaxe: A sturdy Metal Pickaxe is essential for efficiently breaking down Sulfur deposits. You can craft one at your workbench using Ingots, Wood, and Stone.
  • Mining Pals: Certain Pals have a Mining Work Suitability skill. Bringing a Pal with this skill along can boost your mining efficiency. While Digtoise (unlocked at Technology Level 19) is a popular choice due to its Drill Crusher Partner Skill, any Pal with high Mining Work Suitability will suffice.

2. Trading and the Market:

If mining isn’t your forte, you can also try acquiring Sulfur through trade. Here are your options:

  • The Wandering Merchant: The Wandering Merchant, who travels the map and occasionally visits your base, might have Sulfur in his inventory. However, the availability and price can vary.
  • Player Trading: If you’re online, you can explore the trading post and see if other players are selling Sulfur. This might be a good option if you need Sulfur quickly or in bulk.

How to Farm Sulfur

If you want to farm sulfur more efficiently, you can set up a base near a sulfur location and have your pals auto-harvest it for you. To do this, you will need a palbox, a storage, and some pals with the dig skill. You can also use some pals with the carry skill, such as Kattiva, to transport the sulfur from the deposit to the storage. To set up a base, follow these steps:

  • Place a palbox near a sulfur deposit and activate it. This will claim the area as your base and allow you to place structures and items.
  • Place a storage near the palbox and connect it with a wire. This will allow you to store your sulfur and other items in the base.
  • Place some pals with the dig skill in the palbox and assign them to mine sulfur. You can also place some pals with the carry skill in the palbox and assign them to transport sulfur. You can adjust the number and ratio of pals according to your preference and availability.
  • Enjoy your automatic sulfur farm. You can check the storage periodically to collect your sulfur and use it for crafting or other purposes.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Sulfur

Here are some tips and tricks for getting sulfur in Palworld:

  • Use a flying pal, such as Pteranodon or Dragon, to travel faster and safer between sulfur locations. You can also use a riding pal, such as Camel or Lavas, to carry more sulfur in your inventory.
  • Use a fire-resistant pal, such as Lavas or Phoenix, to explore the volcano biome without taking damage from the heat or lava. You can also use a water pal, such as Wateron or Seadra, to cool yourself down in the desert biome.
  • Use a combat pal, such as Dragon or Ifrit, to protect yourself from hostile pals and other players. You can also use a stealth pal, such as Chameleos or Ninjat, to avoid detection and escape from danger.
  • Use a crafting pal, such as Crafty or Handy, to craft items on the go. You can also use a healing pal, such as Nurse or Medica, to heal yourself and your pals.
  • Use a trading pal, such as Merchant or Bargain, to sell your sulfur and buy other items from shops. You can also use a bargaining pal, such as Haggler or Negotiator, to get better prices and deals.


  • Heat Resistance: When venturing into the Desert Biome, prioritize your safety. Equip heat-resistant armor or use consumables like Cooling Gel to avoid succumbing to the heat.
  • Combat Readiness: Be prepared for potential encounters with wild Pals while mining in the desert or exploring Dungeons. Bring Pals with adequate combat abilities to ensure a smooth mining operation.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring the Sulfur you need to fuel your crafting endeavors in Palworld. Remember, a little exploration, some well-placed pickaxe swings, or a strategic trade can make all the difference!


Sulfur is a valuable resource in Palworld that can be used for various purposes. You can find sulfur in the desert and volcano biomes, where you can mine it manually or farm it automatically. You can also use different pals to help you get sulfur faster and easier. I hope this blog post was helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and happy sulfur hunting!
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