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Story of Freshnws.com

During the planning phase of this website, all owners and authors decided that Freshnws.com was created for a specific reason. The primary focus is on social media news and technology, ensuring user satisfaction. It took almost a year to shape this brainchild into reality. Freshnws.com aims to provide users with information that helps them in their daily lives, along with entertaining content that satisfies the desire to read.

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Meet Our Authors

Anjan: Founder

Hello there! I’m Anjan, the voice(founder) and author behind FreshNWS. Passionate about NEWS & Politics specially related to GEN Z. I started this website as a platform to share my insights, experiences, and the joy of discovery with like-minded individuals from all corners of the world.

Aryan: Writer

“My name is Aryan Kumar, and I live in Ranchi. I started blogging in 2022. I have a great passion for writing about books and personal finance or telling someone about them. With the help of freshNWS.com, I am committed to providing you with all the information related to Books and personal finance. Thank you.”