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Coal in palworld, a fundamental resource in Palworld, plays a crucial role in powering various facilities and crafting essential items. But where do you find these precious black nuggets? Fear not, aspiring Palworld entrepreneurs, for this guide will equip you to become a coal-mining maestro!

1. Mining Coal Deposits

The primary method to acquire coal in Palworld is by mining coal deposits. These deposits appear as black and jagged rocks scattered across the map.

Here’s how to find and extract this valuable resource:

  • Location: Coal Deposits are most commonly found within the vast Desert Biome. However, be prepared for the scorching heat! Equip heat-resistant armor to avoid overheating during your mining expedition.
  • Identification: These deposits resemble large, dark boulders with a distinctive black or dark grey color. They often stand out against the lighter tones of the desert landscape, making them easier to spot.

To extract coal, follow these steps:

  1. Equip a Pickaxe: Make sure you have a pickaxe equipped. You won’t be able to mine coal without one.
  2. Locate Coal Deposits: Coal is most abundant in the desert and volcano biomes. Keep an eye out for these deposits as you explore.
  3. Mine the Nodes: Approach a coal deposit and use your pickaxe to mine it. You’ll receive coal as a reward.
  • Mining Essentials:
    • Pickaxe Power: A sturdy Metal Pickaxe is essential for efficiently breaking down Coal Deposits. You can craft one at your workbench using readily available resources like Wood, Stone, and Ingots.
    • Mining Pals: Certain Pals have a Mining Work Suitability skill. Bringing a Pal with this skill along can significantly boost your mining efficiency. Popular choices include:
      • Digtoise (Unlocked at Technology Level 19): This Pal boasts the powerful “Drill Crusher” Partner Skill, perfect for breaking rocks and gathering resources quickly.
      • Any Pal with High Mining Suitability: Even without a special skill, Pals with a high Mining Work Suitability will still mine Coal Deposits faster than those lacking this ability.

2. Best Locations for Coal Farming

Several locations in Palworld are excellent for setting up coal farming bases. Here are some prime spots:

a. Deep Sand Dunes

  • Coordinates: (319, 498)
  • Location: West of the Fast Travel Point called Deep Sand Dunes.
  • Features: 8 coal nodes and some stones in the nearby mini-forest.

b. Sealed Realm of the Swift

  • Coordinates: (189, -39)
  • Location: South of the Fast Travel Point called the Sealed Realm of the Swift.
  • Features: 6 coal nodes and additional ores.

c. Sealed Realm of the Guardian

  • Coordinates: (288, -21)
  • Location: West of the Fast Travel Point called the Sealed Realm of the Guardian.
  • Features: 6 coal nodes, ores, and stones.

d. Winged Tyrant

  • Coordinates: (-96, -120)
  • Location: Northeast of the Fast Travel Point called the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.
  • Features: 6 coal nodes in a desert biome.

e. Anubis

  • Coordinates: (-125, -84)
  • Location: Beside the Alpha Boss, Anubis.
  • Features: 6 coal nodes.

3. Setting Up Coal Farming Bases

Once you reach a high enough base level, consider setting up a coal farming base. Follow these steps:

  1. High-Level Mining Pals: Bring high-level mining Pals with you to the chosen location.
  2. Choose a Spot: Select a spot with abundant coal nodes (refer to the locations above).
  3. Drop a Palbox: Place a Palbox on the ground to create your base.

4. Additional Tips

Alternative Paths: Trading and Purchasing Coal

If mining isn’t your cup of tea, you can still acquire Coal through trade:

  • The Wandering Merchant: The Wandering Merchant, who travels the map and occasionally visits your base, might have Coal in his inventory. However, the availability and price can fluctuate depending on his stock.
  • Player Trading: If you’re online, you can explore the trading post and see if other players are selling Coal. This can be a good option if you need Coal quickly or in bulk.


  • Desert Survival: The scorching heat of the Desert Biome poses a significant threat. Prioritize your safety by equipping heat-resistant armor or using consumables like Cooling Gel to avoid succumbing to the heat.
  • Creature Encounters: Be prepared for potential encounters with wild Pals while mining in the desert. Bringing Pals with adequate combat abilities ensures a smooth mining operation.
  • Temperature Awareness: Be mindful of temperature changes, especially in the desert biome.
  • Manual Farming: If you prefer, manually farm each coal node you encounter in the listed locations.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring the Coal you need to power your facilities and craft essential items in Palworld. Remember, a little exploration, some well-placed pickaxe swings, or a strategic trade can make all the difference in fueling your Palworld adventures!


With these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to gather coal efficiently in Palworld. Happy mining, and may your coal-powered adventures be fruitful! 🌟
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