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Wheat is one of the most useful resources in Palworld, a multiplayer open-world survival game where you can interact with creatures called Pals. Wheat can be used to make flour, bread, cake, and other food items that can restore your health and stamina, as well as feed your Pals. But how do you get wheat seeds and grow your own wheat in Palworld? In this guide, we will show you the best ways to obtain wheat seeds and start your own wheat plantation.

How to Get Wheat Seeds

There are two main ways to get wheat seeds in Palworld:

  • You can buy them from a wandering merchant in the small settlement near the starting point for 100 gold coins each. The small settlement is located at the coordinates (77, -474) and can be easily reached by fast traveling to the wheat plantation. The wandering merchant sells various materials and consumables, including wheat seeds, berry seeds, and cotton candy. However, he may not always have wheat seeds in stock, so you may need to check back later or reload the game.
  • You can capture or defeat certain grass-type Pals that drop wheat seeds, such as Flopie, Bristla, Cinnamoth, Robinquill, and Dinossom. The easiest one to find is Dinossom, which spawns near the Plateau of Beginnings, the starting area of the game. Dinossom is a large, green, dinosaur-like Pal that can be seen roaming around the grassy fields. It is usually around level 15, so you will need a Mega Sphere to catch it. Alternatively, you can defeat it with your Pals and hope that it drops wheat seeds. Other grass-type Pals that drop wheat seeds can be found in different areas of the map, such as the Ancient Ritual Site, the Forest of Life, and the Forest of Death.

1. Purchase them from the Wandering Merchant:

  • The Wandering Merchant is a non-playable character (NPC) who travels around the map and occasionally visits your Palworld base.
  • You can find one consistently located at the Small Settlement (coordinates 71, -486), west of the starting area.
  • Each Wheat Seed will cost 100 Gold Coins.

2. Obtain them as drops from certain Pals:

  • Several types of Grass-type Pals have a chance of dropping Wheat Seeds when you defeat or capture them. These Pals include:
    • Bristla
    • Dinossum
    • Flopie
    • Cinnamoth
    • Robinquill
  • These Pals are typically found in grassy regions around the map.
  • Farming these Pals specifically for seeds may not be the most efficient method, but it can be a good option if you encounter them while exploring.

3. Find them in chests:

  • Occasionally, Wheat Seeds can be found looted from chests scattered throughout the world.
  • Exploring and opening chests is a good way to acquire various resources, but it’s not a guaranteed way to obtain Wheat Seeds.

Additional Tips:

  • Once you have your initial Wheat Seeds, you can plant them in a Wheat Plantation at your base. This will allow you to continuously harvest Wheat for food, crafting, and trading.
  • You can level up your Technology to unlock the ability to build a Wheat Plantation.
  • The specific materials required for the Wheat Plantation will vary depending on your game progress.

How to Grow Wheat

Once you have wheat seeds, you can plant them in a wheat plantation and let your Pals harvest the wheat for you. To build a wheat plantation, you will need to unlock the technology at level 15, which costs 1 technology point. You will also need 3 wheat seeds, 35 wood, and 35 stone for each wheat plantation. You can place the wheat plantation anywhere in your base, as long as there is enough space and sunlight.

To use the wheat plantation, you will need Pals that know the skills of Planting, Watering, and Gathering. These skills can be learned by feeding your Pals skill fruits, which can be bought from merchants or found in chests. You can assign your Pals to the wheat plantation by using the Pal Management menu. Once assigned, your Pals will automatically plant, water, and harvest the wheat for you. You can check the progress of the wheat plantation by looking at the icons above it. A seed icon means that the wheat is still growing, a water drop icon means that the wheat needs watering, and a wheat icon means that the wheat is ready to be harvested.

You can collect the wheat from the wheat plantation by interacting with it. You will receive 3 wheat for each wheat plantation. You can then use the wheat to make flour with a mill, which can be unlocked at level 20. Flour can be used to make bread with an oven, which can be unlocked at level 25. Bread can be used to make cake with a cake maker, which can be unlocked at level 30. Cake is one of the best food items in the game, as it restores a lot of health and stamina, and can also be given to your Pals as a gift.


Wheat is a valuable resource in Palworld that can help you survive and thrive in the harsh world. By following this guide, you can get wheat seeds and grow your own wheat with the help of your Pals. Wheat can be used to make flour, bread, cake, and other food items that can benefit you and your Pals. We hope that this guide was helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy farming!
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