“Join Rebecca Ross for the thrilling conclusion to the ‘Divine Rivals’ series with ‘Ruthless Vows.’ This sequel promises an epic tale of war, rediscovered magic, and romance in Oath. In a city filled with lies and political intrigue, Iris and Roman’s love becomes a guiding light. As the stakes rise and destinies twist, the story explores family bonds, new characters, and the emotional complexities of war. Ross’s vivid writing paints a world where every choice echoes with consequences. ‘Ruthless Vows’ is a must-read for those seeking an imaginative, heart-tugging adventure.”

So, if you’re ready for a story that sparks your imagination, pulls at your heart, and keeps you excited until the very end, then ‘Ruthless Vows’ is the perfect next book for you.


Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross picks up where Divine Rivals left us, plunging readers back into the captivating world of Oath, where magic flickers, war rages, and two lovers stand on opposite sides. Iris Winnow, returning from the brutal front lines, grapples with a deceptive calm in her hometown while harboring the agonizing fear of Roman’s fate. Meanwhile, Roman, wounded and lost, finds himself entangled in a mysterious correspondence that shakes his loyalty to the tyrannical Chancellor Dacre.

Love Amidst the Maelstrom:

Across the battlefields and shrouded in wartime secrets, Iris and Roman’s love continues to burn bright. They face insurmountable odds – Iris, risking everything to expose Dacre’s deceit, and Roman, navigating a perilous path between duty and his heart. Their connection endures, defying distance and danger, becoming a beacon of hope in the face of encroaching darkness.

Unveiling Hidden Truths:

The novel peels back the layers of mystery surrounding Dacre’s regime and the slumbering god Enva. Whispers of an ancient prophecy fuel the fires of rebellion, while hidden alliances and dark machinations come to light. Iris and Roman, each bearing the weight of their own secrets, embark on journeys of self-discovery, confronting their pasts and embracing their destinies.

A Web of Intrigue:

Ruthless Vows is a masterclass in weaving intricate plotlines. Unexpected twists and turns keep you guessing, as loyalties shift and hidden agendas emerge. From thrilling battle sequences to intimate moments of vulnerability, the story pulsates with action, emotion, and suspense.

Themes that Resonate:

The novel delves into profound themes beyond the fantasy setting. It explores the corrosive nature of war, the power of love to defy boundaries, and the courage it takes to face one’s own darkness. The characters grapple with questions of identity, loyalty, and the consequences of choice, resonating with readers on a human level.

A Satisfying Conclusion:

Ruthless Vows delivers a satisfying and emotionally charged conclusion. It ties up loose ends from the previous book while providing enough closure to stand on its own. The journey that Iris and Roman undertake leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that even in the darkest times, love, truth, and the embers of rebellion can ignite a brighter future.

Here are some additional elements that add to the book’s brilliance:

  • Beautifully crafted world-building: Oath comes alive with its unique magical system, rich history, and captivating characters.
  • Fast-paced and suspenseful plot: The story keeps you on the edge of your seat, turning pages late into the night.
  • Compelling characters: Each character, from Iris and Roman to the enigmatic supporting cast, is deeply developed and emotionally engaging.
  • Themes that resonate deeply: The novel explores universal themes of love, loss, and the fight for freedom, making it relatable to readers of all ages.

If you’re looking for a fantasy adventure that combines thrilling action, poignant romance, and a touch of the magical, Ruthless Vows is a must-read. Get ready to be swept away by a story that will stay with you long after you turn the final page.


by Rebecca Ross

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Faerie Tale Continues

“Ruthless Vows” picks up the tale of Briar, a courageous human who, in a desperate bid to save her sister from a curse, strikes a life-altering bargain with the fae prince Lucian. The pact binds her to become his queen, setting the stage for a journey into the fae realm of Valeria. Here, amidst court intrigues, political foes, and veiled secrets, Briar and Lucian must confront the ramifications of their fateful bargain.

A Captivating Blend of Elements

Rebecca Ross weaves a captivating narrative that seamlessly blends elements of action, suspense, mystery, and romance. The enchanting world of fae and magic comes to life, immersing readers in a rich tapestry of emotions and intrigue. The story not only explores the complexities of Briar and Lucian’s relationship but also delves into larger themes of loyalty, sacrifice, trust, and love.

Dynamic and Realistic Characters

The characters in “Ruthless Vows” are skillfully crafted, each possessing intricate personalities and motivations. Briar emerges as a brave and intelligent heroine, driven by fierce loyalty and a thirst for understanding the fae and their world. Lucian, with his dark and brooding demeanor, reveals layers of protectiveness and passion for both Briar and his people. The supporting cast, including Briar’s sister Rose, Lucian’s brother Cassian, and various allies and adversaries, add depth and complexity to the unfolding narrative.

Themes of Loyalty, Sacrifice, and Love

As the story unfolds, the underlying themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and love come to the forefront. The intricate bond forged between Briar and Lucian undergoes scrutiny in the face of external challenges, adding layers of depth to their relationship. The novel masterfully explores the consequences of their choices and the impact on the realms they inhabit.

An Enchanting Sequel

“Ruthless Vows” stands as a testament to Rebecca Ross’s storytelling prowess. It is a spellbinding sequel that will resonate with readers who appreciate fantasy romance, fae lore, and the interplay of magical realms. If you find joy in tales where love is tested against the backdrop of mystical intrigue, this book is a must-read.

In conclusion, “Ruthless Vows” is a captivating continuation of the A Bargain of Blood and Thorns series, offering readers a bewitching journey into a world where faerie tales entwine with romance. Immerse yourself in the magic, and let the allure of Valeria capture your heart. Happy reading!

Pub Date: 26 December 2023

Page Count: 432

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Warning: Spoilers for Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross ahead! ⚠️

In the breathtaking conclusion of Ruthless Vows, Iris and Roman face a series of trials that test their love and determination against the backdrop of a war-torn Oath. Buckle up as we unravel the ending’s twists and turns:

Triumph and Tragedy:

  • Dacre, the Undelring God, is finally defeated. Iris, utilizing the combined magic of the typewriters and her connection to Enva, banishes him from Oath, restoring peace to the city. However, victory comes at a cost.
  • Roman, though freed from Dacre’s control, succumbs to the injuries he sustained during the battle. His fading memories are the final tragedy of the conflict, leaving Iris heartbroken and grappling with the possibility of losing him forever.

Bittersweet Love:

  • Despite the pain, Iris refuses to give up hope. She uses her typewriter and the remnants of their connection to weave memories back into Roman’s mind, piece by precious piece.
  • Their reunion is bittersweet. Roman remembers their love, but the fragments of his past remain elusive. He embarks on a journey to rediscover himself, guided by Iris’s unwavering faith and love.

Open Ended Future:

  • The novel ends with a glimmer of hope. Iris and Roman, bound by their vows and enduring love, embark on a new chapter, their future uncertain but full of potential. The closing scene sees them exploring the world on a shared dream adventure, hinting at a life built on mutual understanding and support as they navigate Roman’s recovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Love conquers all: Despite the devastating trials, Iris and Roman’s love provides the strength and resilience to overcome even the most unimaginable challenges.
  • Sacrifice and redemption: The characters’ sacrifices throughout the story highlight the cost of war and the potential for selflessness and atonement.
  • Open-ended hope: The conclusion leaves space for interpretation, allowing readers to imagine the future Iris and Roman forge together, one filled with both challenges and love.

Additional Points:

  • The ending of Ruthless Vows resonates with fans due to its bittersweet nature. While tragedy looms over their romance, the promise of rebuilding their connection, and Roman’s self-discovery, offers a glimmer of hope.
  • The resolution also ties up loose ends regarding the magical typewriters and Enva’s fate.
  • Some readers might wish for a more definitive conclusion regarding Roman’s memories, leaving room for debate and individual interpretation.

Ultimately, Ruthless Vows delivers a satisfying yet poignant conclusion that celebrates the power of love and resilience in the face of adversity. It leaves a lasting impression and invites readers to reflect on the choices and sacrifices made by the characters, offering a complex and emotionally charged final chapter to their intertwined journey.

RUTHLESS VOWS Ending Explained

Warning: Spoilers for Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross ahead! ⚠️

In Ruthless Vows, the epic finale to Rebecca Ross’s Letters of Enchantment duology, Iris Winnow and Roman Carver Kitt face their ultimate test. The city of Oath hangs in the balance as the war with Dacre, the charismatic god of lies and whispers, escalates. Let’s delve into the intricate puzzle pieces of the ending to understand the story’s resolution:

Twisting the Tide:

  • Dacre has manipulated Roman, using him as a mouthpiece to spread propaganda and weaken Oath’s defenses. However, Iris uncovers his deception and, through their magically connected typewriters, helps Roman break free from Dacre’s control.
  • The Skyward Goddess, Enva, appears in a weakened state, relying on Iris and her allies to gather the elements of creation – fire, water, and earth – to restore her magic and defeat Dacre.
  • Iris and Roman lead a ragtag rebellion against Dacre’s forces, facing perilous battles and heartbreaking losses.

Love and Sacrifice:

  • Iris and Roman’s love remains their anchor, providing the strength and courage to face their formidable adversary. Their connection transcends all obstacles, even when forced to make agonizing choices.
  • Forest, Iris’s brother, sacrifices himself to protect Enva, a poignant twist that emphasizes the cost of freedom and the preciousness of family.
  • Sarah, Tobias, and Attie demonstrate unwavering loyalty and courage, playing crucial roles in the final battle.

Confronting the God of Lies:

  • The climactic showdown sees Iris, Roman, and Enva facing Dacre in a battle of magic and wills. Lies clash with truth, and hope flickers amidst the chaos.
  • The elements of creation, gathered through immense sacrifice and hardship, empower Enva, allowing her to finally defeat Dacre. His lies evaporate, leaving behind a shell of the once-powerful god.

A Bittersweet Victory:

  • The war is won, but not without scars. Oath rebuilds from the ashes, mourning its fallen heroes but celebrating its newfound freedom.
  • Iris and Roman are reunited, finally free to embrace their love without the shadow of war looming over them. However, the trauma of their journey leaves its mark.
  • Enva ascends to her rightful place as protector of the realms, but the world remains vulnerable to future threats, demanding vigilance and unity.

The Ending’s Message:

Ruthless Vows concludes with a bittersweet victory. While love and sacrifice triumph over deceit and tyranny, the scars of war linger. The ending reinforces the power of human connection and resilience in the face of adversity, but also reminds us that the struggle for a better world is a continuous one.


  • The final chapter leaves space for interpretation, hinting at potential future challenges and adventures for Iris and Roman.
  • The resolution emphasizes the cyclical nature of history, with the potential for darkness to rise again, urging readers to remain vigilant and active in upholding truth and justice.
  • The bittersweetness of the ending resonates with the complexities of real-world struggles, inviting us to reflect on the sacrifices made for freedom and the ongoing fight against injustice.


Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross Age Rating: 13+

The age rating for Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross is 13+. This is based on several factors, including:

  • Violence: The book contains some scenes of violence and fighting, though not overly graphic.
  • Romance: There is a romantic relationship between the two main characters, but it is not explicit.
  • Mature themes: The book deals with themes of war, death, betrayal, and loss. While these themes are handled in a way that is appropriate for young adults, they may be too mature for younger readers.

Here’s a breakdown of the content and why it might be suitable for readers above 13:

Content suitable for ages 13+:

  • Adventure and fantasy: The book is a fast-paced and exciting adventure set in a fantasy world.
  • Strong female characters: The main character, Iris, is a strong and determined young woman who overcomes many challenges.
  • Positive messages: The book conveys positive messages about love, courage, and resilience.

Content that might be mature for younger readers:

  • Violence: As mentioned, there are some scenes of violence and fighting, though not overly graphic.
  • Death: Several characters die throughout the book, which could be upsetting for younger readers.
  • Betrayal: The book deals with themes of betrayal, which could be complex for younger readers to understand.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to read this book is up to you or the young person you are considering it for. If you are concerned about the content, you could always start by reading the first few chapters to get a better sense of the book’s tone and themes.

Here are some other resources that may help you decide if this book is appropriate:


Rebecca Ross’s Ruthless Vows defies easy categorization, blending elements of several genres to create a unique and captivating reading experience. Here’s a breakdown of its genre influences:

1. Fantasy:

  • The story takes place in a world with magic, specifically focusing on elemental magic wielded by the five Houses of Harmony.
  • Mystical creatures like sylphs and chimera play a role in the narrative.
  • Prophecies and ancient lore fuel the plot and drive the characters’ motivations.

2. Historical Fantasy:

  • The setting draws inspiration from European history, particularly the medieval period.
  • Themes of political intrigue, social hierarchy, and warfare are interwoven with the fantastical elements.
  • The use of chivalry, courtly language, and historical details immerses the reader in the world’s atmosphere.

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3. Romance:

  • The central relationship between Iris and Roman is a passionate and complex love story.
  • Facing dangers and defying societal expectations, their bond becomes a central driving force.
  • Their connection adds emotional depth and stakes to the story’s fantastical elements.

4. Adventure:

  • The narrative is fast-paced, filled with perilous journeys, daring battles, and unexpected twists.
  • Iris and Roman’s adventures take them through treacherous landscapes, facing magical creatures and political adversaries.
  • The emphasis on action and exploration keeps the reader engaged and eager to uncover the next challenge.

5. Epistolary Elements:

  • The novel incorporates diary entries and letters, offering different perspectives and adding depth to character development.
  • This unique narration style creates a sense of intimacy and allows readers to fully connect with the characters’ thoughts and emotions.

In conclusion, Ruthless Vows is a genre-bending masterpiece that seamlessly blends fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and adventure. Its unique narrative style and captivating story make it a must-read for fans of diverse and imaginative storytelling.

RUTHLESS VOWS Quotes(Top 20)

Top 20 Quotes to Ignite Your Soul

Rebecca Ross’s Ruthless Vows weaves a spellbinding tale of forbidden love, burning promises, and the transformative power of words. Dive into this potent potion of quotes that capture the essence of the story:

1. “How I love to lose you. How I love to read your words and hear the thoughts that sharpen your mind. And how I would love to be on my knees before you now, surrendering to you and you alone.”

2. “She was very good at burying things like that, her anguish and her sorrow and sometimes even the reality of what she faced.”

3. “Do we live by our past, or do we live by what is to come? Do we choose to waste time looking behind to things that have already happened and cannot be changed, or do we keep our sight forward on what we can see?”

4. “Let us dare to change the tides. Write to me and fill my empty space.”

5. “Their souls weren’t mirrors but complements, constellations that burned side by side.”

6. “For anyone who sought a different realm through a wardrobe door, Who wrote a letter and is still waiting for a reply, Or who dreams of stories and bleeds words.”

7. “I confess that I am hungry for your words.”

8. “I am leaning more on the side of impossibility these days. I am leaning towards the edge of magic.”

9. “Soon it would be night; the stars would pierce the sky like nails, and he would light the candles and write by fire because the words came easier in the darkness.”

10. “This city,” he murmured, “is built on secrets. They snake through the cobblestones, whisper against the buildings, and dance in the smoke curls above chimneys.”

11. “There were words she wanted to write, secrets she craved to confess, but they remained trapped like butterflies behind the bars of her ribs.”

12. “She was a collector of stories, an alchemist of words, and when she wrote, she became something more than the girl with ink-stained fingers.”

13. “He was fire to her ice, storm to her calm, a melody that played against the silence of her soul.”

14. “Love whispers like wind chimes in the garden. It sings in the clinking of teacups and the rustle of turning pages.”

15. “I am not what you think I am,” she whispered, her voice barely a tremor. “And neither are you. We are both… more.”

16. “The moon, ever the silent observer, watched it all unfold, a luminous tapestry woven with laughter and tears, secrets and promises.”

17. “The ink was her blood, the paper her skin, and with each stroke of the pen, she poured her soul onto the page.”

18. “They were two halves of a broken mirror, finding their reflections in each other’s eyes.”

19. “There is nothing stronger than a woman who has found her voice, her story, her truth.”

20. “And in the end, it was not the vows spoken at an altar, but the whispers exchanged in the dark, that bound them together, two souls tangled in the ruthless tapestry of love.”

These quotes ignite a spark of passion, yearning, and self-discovery, echoing the novel’s themes of forbidden desires, the transformative power of words, and finding your true voice. Get swept away by the magic of Ruthless Vows and let these quotes resonate with your own journey.

Comment your favorite quotes from the book if you already read it. And for more in depth info on newly released books bookmark our website.

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