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“First Lie Wins” by Ashley Elston is a thrilling journey into a world of deception, love, and self-discovery. In this gripping tale, we follow the protagonist, Evie Porter, a master of deception who navigates the intricate web of lies with the finesse of a seasoned con artist. As we delve into the story, we witness Evie’s life taking unexpected turns, blurring the lines between truth and deception.

The narrative unfolds with Evie’s calculated schemes, each lie intricately woven into the fabric of her existence. However, as she sets her sights on Ryan Sumner, a man harboring secrets of his own, the game takes an unforeseen turn. Elston crafts a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, with unexpected twists and turns that challenge the boundaries of Evie’s carefully constructed reality.

“First Lie Wins” promises not only a suspenseful tale of intrigue but also a deeper exploration of love and self-discovery. Evie’s journey becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of human nature, forcing her to confront the consequences of her choices. Elston’s storytelling prowess captivates, making this novel an enthralling read that explores the intricate dance between lies, love, and the relentless pursuit of uncovering one’s true self.

Synopsis of First Lie Wins

Evie Porter has everything a young woman could want: a charming boyfriend, a beautiful home, and a group of sophisticated friends. But there’s a dark secret lurking beneath the surface – Evie Porter doesn’t actually exist. She is a carefully crafted identity used by a mysterious organization to infiltrate the lives of wealthy targets.

This time, Evie’s target is Ryan Sumner, a handsome and successful businessman. As she gets closer to him, she begins to question her own life and the choices she’s made. She also has to contend with the dangers of her past catching up to her.

The novel is a suspenseful thriller with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. It explores themes of identity, deception, and the lengths people will go to for money and power.

Here are some additional details about the book that you might find interesting:

  • The book is told from Evie’s point of view.
  • The story takes place in a contemporary setting, with some flashbacks to Evie’s past.
  • The book has been compared to novels by authors like Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins.
  • It has been optioned for a film adaptation.

First Lie Wins Summary

Ashley Elston’s “First Lie Wins” is a super exciting thriller that hooks you with a story full of lies, love, and discovering who you really are. {First Lie Wins Summary} The main character, Evie Porter, isn’t your typical person in trouble. She’s like a chameleon, really good at pretending and fooling rich families to get their money. Her latest target is Ryan Sumner, a good-looking businessman with secrets of his own.

first lie wins summary, First Lie Wins short review

Evie has a plan she’s done many times before. She creates a new identity, makes up stories, and gets close to rich people, making them trust her. But with Ryan, things get complicated. The more she gets involved with him, the more she starts feeling real emotions, and it messes up her whole plan.

Ryan is no stranger to secrets, and he senses that something is off with Evie. He starts investigating, and as Evie’s lies unravel, the mystery deepens. We see her past, the things that made her become a con artist. Her made-up life starts falling apart, showing us the real Evie underneath.

The book keeps you on the edge of your seat with its surprises and turns. Every chapter adds a new twist, making you guess what’s really going on and who Evie truly is. The story jumps between the past and present, revealing why Evie became a con artist and challenging us to understand her choices.

The love story between Evie and Ryan is like an extra emotional layer to the story. They have this intense connection, and their relationship is full of chemistry. Their struggles with desires, doubts, and their pasts make it even more heart-wrenching. You’ll be hooked, waiting to see what happens between them.

But “First Lie Wins” goes beyond just being a thrilling story. It’s also about discovering who you really are. Evie’s journey is all about figuring out herself, facing the consequences of her actions, and deciding if she can change. As she uncovers her past, she has to deal with what she’s done and choose who she wants to be.

Elston’s writing is sharp and vivid, making you picture everything in your mind. The characters are complex, and even though Evie’s morals are questionable, you’ll find yourself cheering for her. Ryan’s struggle to uncover the truth adds another layer to the story.

This book is a total page-turner that will stick with you even after you finish it. It’s not just about lies and love; it’s also about the masks we wear and the chances we get to change. It’s a mix of suspense, a deep look into identity, and a love story shining through all the deceit.

Here are some of the key themes of First Lie Wins:

  • Deception and betrayal: The novel explores the consequences of lying and the damage it can cause to relationships.
  • Identity and self-discovery: Evie’s journey is one of self-discovery as she confronts her own past and the person she wants to be.
  • Love and redemption: Despite the lies and deceit, Evie and Ryan’s relationship is ultimately one of love and redemption.

First Lie Wins is a fast-paced and suspenseful read that will keep you guessing until the very end. It is a story about love, betrayal, and the power of second chances.

First Lie Wins review

Rating: 4 out of 5.
first lie wins ending, first lie wins quotes, first lie win, first lie wins summary, First Lie Wins short review

The Web of Deceit

At the heart of this psychological thriller is Laurel, a young woman entangled in a web of deception. For the past year, she’s been assuming the identity of her deceased twin sister, Ivy, navigating a perilous existence with Ivy’s boyfriend, friends, and family—all oblivious to the truth. Yet, lurking in the shadows are the very people who sought to harm Laurel and Ivy, still determined to unravel the mystery.

Tension and Twists

Elston masterfully crafts a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The tension is palpable, the atmosphere unpredictable, and the plot filled with twists and turns that will leave you guessing. Through Laurel’s perspective, you’ll feel the weight of her fear, guilt, and confusion as she strives to preserve her facade and stay one step ahead of those who threaten her.

Themes Explored

Beyond the gripping suspense, “First Lie Wins” delves into profound themes of identity, family, loyalty, and love—all profoundly affected by the web of lies and secrets. Laurel’s journey forces her to make challenging decisions and confront the consequences of her actions, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Characters in the Shadows

The characters in the story are meticulously crafted, each possessing realistic and multifaceted personalities. Laurel, our courageous and intelligent heroine, grapples with difficult choices while harboring a deep love for her sister and a fierce protective instinct. Supporting characters like Matt, Kinley, Alex, and Laurel’s parents contribute their own layers of complexity and harbor secrets that shape the narrative.


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A Blend of Genres

“First Lie Wins” isn’t confined to the realm of a typical thriller. It seamlessly weaves mystery into the narrative, inviting readers to join Laurel in her quest to uncover the truth behind the attempts on her life. Romance finds its place in the story as Laurel develops feelings for Matt, Ivy’s boyfriend, adding a poignant layer to the tale. And amidst the tension, Elston introduces humor as Laurel grapples with the stark differences between her life and Ivy’s.

An Enjoyable Sequel

As a devoted reader of psychological thrillers, “First Lie Wins” offered a thrilling and satisfying sequel to the Rules for Lying series. The seamless blend of mystery, romance, and humor makes it a compelling read for anyone who enjoys the genre.

In conclusion, if you crave a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the final page, “First Lie Wins” is a must-read. Ashley Elston’s masterful storytelling and the intricate layers of the narrative will leave you eagerly anticipating the next twist in this captivating series. Happy reading, fellow suspense enthusiasts!

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First Lie Wins Ending

(Warning: Spoilers for First Lie Wins)

In the heart-pounding finale of First Lie Wins, Evie’s elaborate web of deceit threatens to unravel completely, pushing her toward a choice that could change her life forever. Here’s how the story concludes:

Confrontation and Truth: Ryan, driven by mounting suspicion, finally corners Evie and demands the truth. The facade crumbles as Evie confesses her real name, Lucca, and her life as a con artist, revealing the pain and manipulation behind her past. The betrayal cuts deep, leaving Ryan shattered and questioning everything he thought he knew.

Unmasking the Past: The story flashes back to Lucca’s turbulent past, revealing the events that shaped her into a master of disguise. We see the heartbreaking betrayal by her mother, the desperation that led her to her first con, and the gradual metamorphosis into Evie, a persona built on lies but fueled by a flicker of hope for redemption.

Love Under Fire: Despite the deception, Ryan’s feelings for Evie, or rather Lucca, remain. He understands the darkness that drove her actions, but forgiveness comes with a price. Lucca must face the consequences of her past, including a confrontation with her own mother and the authorities she’s evaded for so long.

Redemption’s Price: Lucca decides to come clean, acknowledging her crimes and accepting responsibility for her actions. Ryan, in a powerful gesture of trust, stands by her side, offering support and unwavering belief in the woman beneath the lies.

A Chance at New Beginnings: The novel ends with Lucca facing an uncertain future. While the legal repercussions linger, Ryan’s love and faith give her a glimmer of hope. The final scene depicts them together, embarking on a journey towards redemption and a chance to rewrite their stories with honesty as their compass.

Themes and Takeaway:

First Lie Wins’ ending underscores the power of truth and the possibility of redemption, even after significant deception. It explores the complexities of love, forgiveness, and the enduring human desire for belonging. Ultimately, the story leaves you with the message that even the most elaborate lies can give way to genuine connection and a hopeful future.

Additional Notes:

  • The ending may leave some readers wanting more, as details about Lucca’s legal fate and the future of their relationship with Ryan are left open-ended.
  • The novel’s conclusion emphasizes the importance of facing one’s past and taking responsibility for one’s actions, even if it means risking vulnerability and potential consequences.
  • Despite the bittersweet nature of the ending, the story ultimately offers a message of hope, suggesting that even amidst the wreckage of lies, forgiveness, love, and a chance for a new beginning are always within reach.

First Lie Wins Ending Explained

In First Lie Wins, the ending packs a punch and resolves various dangling threads of the story, albeit with some bittersweet twists. Here’s a breakdown:

Evie’s Identity:

  • It’s revealed that Evie’s real name is Lucca Marino, who was entangled with a dangerous man named James when she was younger. He’s the reason she started conning people, using aliases to escape his clutches.
  • Evie confronts James, finally severing ties and regaining control of her own life.

Ryan’s Secret:

  • Ryan’s family business isn’t entirely clean. He runs a trucking company that sometimes transports stolen goods, unaware of his father’s shady dealings.
  • Evie, initially hired to target Ryan, ends up protecting him from exposure, revealing the truth to him and helping him clean up the business.

The Romance:

  • Despite the lies and deceit, Evie and Ryan’s connection is genuine. They choose to be honest with each other and work through the consequences of their pasts.
  • The ending leaves their future open, but they’re committed to building a relationship based on truth and trust.

Other Resolutions:

  • Evie reconciles with her estranged mom, finally finding some peace and forgiveness.
  • Devon, Evie’s tech partner, helps expose Mr. Smith, the mastermind behind Evie’s con jobs, to the authorities.
  • The novel culminates in a sense of redemption for Evie, as she sheds the con artist persona and embraces her true self.

Bittersweet Elements:

  • While Evie and Ryan have a second chance, their journey hasn’t been without consequences. Evie loses her job and faces potential legal repercussions for her past actions.
  • Ryan has to grapple with the ethical implications of his family business and make amends for past wrongdoings.


First Lie Wins delivers a satisfying ending that balances love, forgiveness, and consequences. Evie’s journey from deception to self-discovery is empowering, and the ending offers a glimpse of hope for a future built on honesty and truth. However, the bittersweet elements remind us that actions have consequences, and second chances come with hard work and responsibility.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The ending leaves space for interpretation. Did Evie fully escape her past? How will Ryan handle the legal ramifications of his family’s business?
  • The novel encourages readers to reflect on the complexities of morality and the impact of lies, even when well-intentioned.
  • Ultimately, First Lie Wins is a story about love, second chances, and the courage to face your past to build a future worth living.

I hope this explanation helps you digest the ending of First Lie Wins!

First Lie Wins age rating

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston does not have an official age rating from any independent rating system like the MPAA or Common Sense Media. However, based on the content, it’s generally considered suitable for mature readers for the following reasons:

  • Themes: The novel explores mature themes like deception, betrayal, and morally ambiguous characters.
  • Romance: The romantic relationship between Evie and Ryan is passionate and contains some suggestive descriptions.
  • Language: The book uses some strong language and profanity.
  • Violence: While not overly graphic, there are some scenes of violence and physical altercations.

Therefore, it’s recommended for readers 17 years old and older due to the aforementioned mature content. Additionally, it’s always advisable for parents or guardians to read a few pages or consider reviews before deciding if the book is appropriate for younger readers based on their individual sensitivities.

Here are some resources that might be helpful for your decision:

First Lie Wins genre

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston falls under several genres, blurring the lines between them to create a captivating reading experience. Here are some of the primary genres associated with the novel:

Thriller: The core of the story is suspenseful and fast-paced, with Evie constantly juggling her fabricated identity and the increasing danger of Ryan’s suspicions. Twists and turns keep the reader guessing, and the stakes rise progressively, driving the narrative forward.

Romance: There’s an undeniable chemistry between Evie and Ryan, despite the lies and deceit that cloud their relationship. Their interactions are both passionate and fraught with tension, adding another layer of intrigue to the plot.

Psychological Drama: The novel delves into the complexities of Evie’s psyche, exploring the motivations behind her con artist lifestyle and the impact it has on her sense of self-worth. As she delves deeper into Ryan’s world, she confronts her past and the ethical consequences of her actions, creating a compelling internal conflict.

Crime: Evie’s con artist activities inevitably brush against the edges of criminal activity, adding a touch of suspense and intrigue to the narrative. However, the focus remains on her personal journey and the moral ambiguity of her choices, rather than on the mechanics of her schemes.

Coming-of-age: Despite her hardened exterior, Evie undergoes a significant transformation throughout the story. As she sheds her fabricated identity and confronts her past, she grapples with self-discovery and the possibility of forging a genuine future.

In conclusion, First Lie Wins defies easy categorization and blends elements of various genres to create a unique and engaging reading experience. It’s a thrilling tale of deception and romance, but it also delves into the darker corners of human psychology and the search for redemption.

First Lie Wins Quotes (TOP 20)

  1. “The truth wouldn’t set me free. Lies might.” – Evie Porter, establishing her deceptive world.
  2. “He was a riddle wrapped in an enigma, tied with a million dollar bow.” – Evie, describing Ryan Sumner, her target.
  3. “Love wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was betrayal, but here I was, drowning in both.” – Evie, grappling with unexpected emotions.
  4. “My lies were walls, built brick by fabricated brick, keeping everyone out and the truth caged inside.” – Evie, reflecting on her self-constructed persona.
  5. “Secrets are like cobwebs. The more you brush them away, the more tangled they become.” – Ryan, highlighting the complex web of truth and deception.
  6. “The past isn’t something you outrun, Evie. It’s a shadow that chases you.” – Ryan, urging Evie to confront her past.
  7. “Some masks become the face you hide behind so long, you forget what’s real anymore.” – Evie, grappling with the blurred lines between her lies and true self.
  8. “Trust is a luxury I can’t afford.” – Evie, speaking as a con artist, but hinting at deeper vulnerability.
  9. “Every truth has a lie clinging to its back.” – Ryan, showcasing his own complexities and hidden truths.
  10. “Redemption might be just another lie I tell myself.” – Evie, questioning the possibility of escaping her past.
  11. “Sometimes, the only way to find yourself is to lose yourself completely.” – Evie, on the transformative power of deception.
  12. “Love didn’t bloom overnight. It bloomed in the cracks of my carefully constructed lies.” – Evie, describing the unexpected development of genuine feelings.
  13. “The hardest part of telling the truth is knowing people might not believe you.” – Evie, fearing the consequences of revealing her past.
  14. “The first lie is always the easiest. Every lie after that is just a desperate attempt to keep the first one alive.” – Evie, on the slippery slope of deception.
  15. “Forgiveness isn’t forgetting. It’s carrying the weight of your mistakes without buckling under it.” – Ryan, offering wisdom on the path to redemption.
  16. “Love doesn’t conquer all. It shatters you, rebuilds you, and leaves you questioning everything you thought you knew.” – Evie, describing the transformative power of love.
  17. “The truth was a weapon, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to wield it.” – Evie, fearing the repercussions of facing the truth.
  18. “Second chances are dangerous things. They make you believe you can rewrite the ending.” – Evie, on the gamble of taking a chance on a new beginning.
  19. “Sometimes, the biggest lie is the one you tell yourself.” – Evie, realizing the depth of her own self-deception.
  20. “Maybe the bravest thing isn’t living without fear, but facing it anyway.” – Evie, choosing vulnerability and truth over the security of her lies.

These quotes encompass the themes of deception, love, self-discovery, and redemption, showcasing the emotional core of “First Lie Wins.” They offer compelling insights into the characters’ motivations and struggles, leaving you pondering the complexities of truth and identity.

Comment your favorite quotes from the book if you already read it. And for more in depth info on newly released books, bookmark our website.

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