How to Slay Your Taxes as a Gen Z

Yo, fellow Gen Z legends! If you’re anything like me, you’re probs drowning in questions about taxes, right? Like, how much moolah do I need to rake in before tax vibes hit? Can I flex some deductions? And what’s the deal with crypto and stock trading taxes? Chill, fam, I got your back. {Tax Hacks for Gen Z} Let’s dive into this tax game together!

How to Slay Your Taxes as a Gen Z

Do I Gotta Drop a Tax Bomb?

Alright, so here’s the lowdown. If your ‘rents ain’t claiming you, you gotta file if you cashed in more than the 2023 standard deduction (that’s $12,950 for solo players and $25,900 for the power couple). If you’re still riding that ‘rents-dependent wave, file if you pulled in over $1,100 in chill income or $12,950 in grind income.

Flexin’ Those Tax Deductions 💪?

 Slay Your Taxes as a Gen Z

Tax deductions, aka the money-saving hacks. Check these out:

  • Standard Deduction: Automatic cash back—$12,950 for solo flyers, $25,900 for the duo. Easy peasy.
  • Student Loan Interest Deduction: If you’re hustling and paying off student loans, deduct up to $2,500 of that interest. No need to itemize!
  • Tuition and Fees Deduction: Drop up to $4,000 if you’re investing in that education grind. Hurry though, it might dip after 2023.
  • Education Credits: The real deal—American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) for college newbies and Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC) for the OG learners.
  • Retirement Account Flex: Tossing cash into a 401(k) or traditional IRA? Deduct that dough from your income and level up your retirement game.
  • Self-Employment Swagger: Got a side hustle? Deduct those biz expenses like a boss—gear, ads, travel, all of it. Just keep track and report on Schedule C (Form 1040).

And that’s just the starter pack. There’s more out there, depending on your hustle.

Crypto or Stock Trading: The Tax Hustle 💹

How to Slay Your Taxes as a Gen Z, crypto tax for gen z,

Got some gains and losses from the crypto or stock game? Here’s the 411:

  • Short-Term Gains/Losses: Less than a year? Taxed as regular income. Watch out for that rate!
  • Long-Term Gains/Losses: Held for over a year? Taxed at a sweet lower rate, 0% to 20%—depending on your cash flow.

Track your buys, sells, and fees. Report on Form 8949 and Schedule D (Form 1040). Brokers might slide you a Form 1099, but the tax hustle is on you, fam.

How to Crush Your Taxes: Final Boss Level 🎮

Gen Z taxes, slay your taxes,

Tax game got you spooked? Fear not. Here’s the cheat code:

  • Start Early: Noobs wait; legends start early. April 18 is the deadline, but why stress? Get that W-2, 1099, and other docs sorted ASAP.
  • Tech or Pro Support: Apps or pros got your back. Use tax software for an easy ride or call in the pros for expert advice. Match your vibe and budget.
  • Cash In or Pay Up: Overpaid? IRS owes you! Underpaid? Time to settle up. Check the IRS site or app for your refund or balance status. Direct deposit, check, debit card—choose your flavor.

There you have it, fam. Tax season might be wild, but with these tips, you’ll be slaying those taxes like a Gen Z boss. Remember, this isn’t tax advice, just some real talk. For the deets, hit up a tax whiz or the IRS site. And don’t forget to smash that subscribe button for more Gen Z finance hacks. Happy tax vibes! ✌️💰 #TaxSeason #GenZFinance #MoneyMoves
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