In the neon-drenched city of Olympus, where gods walk among us and shadows hold secrets, Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert plunges you into a scorching love triangle and a thrilling descent into darkness. This thrilling novel, part of the Dark Olympus series, weaves together the destinies of three broken hearts on a collision course with destiny.

Eurydice Dimitriou: Once the innocent sister in her powerful family’s shadow, Eurydice has finally stepped out, only to have her heart shattered by her ex, Orpheus. But rough hands and the promise of oblivion might be just what she needs to forget…

Charon Ariti: Hades’ right-hand man, Charon has dedicated his life to the Lower City. Now, he’s ready to take something for himself. And Eurydice’s vulnerability might be the opening he needs…

Orpheus Makos: Haunted by his betrayal, Orpheus will do anything to win Eurydice back. But amidst the crumbling barriers of Olympus, can he reclaim his lost love, or will the shadows claim them all?

Prepare for:

  • A smoldering polyamorous relationship: The lines blur between desire and danger as Eurydice navigates her feelings for both Charon and Orpheus.
  • High-stakes drama: With enemies slipping through the cracks of Olympus’ defenses, the Lower City hangs in the balance.
  • Dark secrets and twisted desires: As past traumas resurface and hidden agendas unfold, the lines between innocence and corruption blur.
  • Intense passion and raw emotions: Eurydice, Charon, and Orpheus grapple with jealousy, longing, and the weight of their pasts.
  • Thrilling suspense and nail-biting action: As danger mounts, can anyone emerge from the shadows unscathed?

Midnight Ruin is more than just a love story. It’s an exploration of power dynamics, self-discovery, and the consequences of betrayal. It’s a plunge into the darkest corners of Olympus where desire burns brightest and survival is a gamble.

Are you ready to lose yourself in this intoxicating blend of heat, suspense, and the shadows of Olympia? Dive into Midnight Ruin and unlock the secrets that lie waiting in the dark.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you’re new to the Dark Olympus series, you can still jump in with Midnight Ruin. The author does a great job of providing context for new readers.
  • For an even deeper dive, check out the previous books in the series to get a richer understanding of the characters and their world.
  • Be prepared for a wild ride! Midnight Ruin is a wild, emotional rollercoaster that will keep you guessing until the very last page.


In Katee Robert’s Midnight Ruin, shadows dance as Eurydice Dimitriou navigates a web of intrigue, heartbreak, and a polyamorous relationship unlike any other. Dive into the decadent underworld of Olympus as lust, power, and danger collide.

Eurydice, the “innocent” sister: Cast under her powerful family’s shadow, Eurydice longs to break free. Seeking solace after a devastating breakup, she falls into the arms of Charon, Hades’ enigmatic right-hand man. He offers a dark seduction she can’t resist, a passionate exploration of her hidden desires.

Orpheus, the haunted ex: But the past refuses to stay buried. Orpheus, Eurydice’s former love, resurfaces, desperate to win her back. He’ll do anything to reclaim their shattered relationship, even if it means sharing her with Charon.

A polyamorous triangle ignites: Eurydice finds herself caught in a tempestuous whirlwind, torn between two contrasting loves. Charon, the protector, offers stability and an intoxicating darkness. Orpheus, the passionate artist, reignites the flames of their past. Can she embrace both loves, or will their jealousy and possessive claws tear her apart?

Danger lurks in the city: As Eurydice navigates the complexities of this unconventional bond, a sinister threat seeps into the glittering city. Enemies gather, their motives shrouded in shadow. Eurydice, Charon, and Orpheus must not only confront their own hearts but also unite against a force that could shatter their newfound paradise.

Themes and elements:

  • Polyamory: This novel explores the nuances and complexities of a polyamorous relationship, challenging readers’ perceptions of love and desire.
  • Greek mythology: Immerse yourself in the reimagined, modern world of Olympus, where gods and mortals dance in a decadent masquerade.
  • Dark romance: Brace yourself for raw passion, steamy encounters, and an underlying edge of danger that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Character development: Witness Eurydice’s journey of self-discovery as she embraces her desires and faces challenges that redefine her identity.
  • Action and intrigue: The simmering tension of the polyamorous triangle is amplified by the external threat, weaving a suspenseful plot that keeps you guessing.

Midnight Ruin is a thrilling ride into the heart of desire, defying expectations and igniting passionate debates. Prepare to be seduced by its unique blend of romance, mythology, and danger, where love burns brightest in the darkest shadows.


  • Consider exploring other books in the Dark Olympus series for a deeper understanding of the world and characters.
  • Check out online discussions and reviews to engage with other readers and delve deeper into the book’s themes and interpretations.


by Katee Robert

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Katee Robert’s latest Dark Olympus installment, Midnight Ruin, throws you into a scorching triangle of love, betrayal, and mythological mayhem. Buckle up, for this review explores the twists and turns of Eurydice’s journey between the enigmatic Charon and the ever-tempting Orpheus.

A Trio in Turmoil:

Eurydice, weary of living in her sister’s shadow and haunted by Orpheus’s past betrayal, seeks solace in the arms of the Hades’s loyal ferryman, Charon. Their connection crackles with raw heat and shared understanding, offering Eurydice a chance to forge her own identity. However, the ghost of Orpheus resurfaces, bringing emotional baggage and a seductive charm that reignites old flames.

Spice with Substance:

Robert’s trademark steamy scenes are fiery, nuanced, and perfectly tailored to each character’s desires. They’re not mere titillation but integral to portraying the complex dynamics of this polyamorous relationship. The emotional intimacy shared between all three characters shines through the sensual encounters, making their connection believable and compelling.

Beyond the Bedroom:

While the romantic intrigue is undeniable, Midnight Ruin offers much more. We get a deeper exploration of the Underworld, unveiling its gritty realities and complexities alongside Charon’s fascinating role as guardian. The threat of external enemies adds a layer of suspense, ensuring the story doesn’t get bogged down in emotional entanglements.

Eurydice’s Transformation:

At the heart of the narrative lies Eurydice’s evolution. She sheds the skin of the “good girl” and embraces her strength, desires, and the right to choose her own path. Watching her navigate the emotional turmoil and navigate the power dynamics in the Underworld is a satisfying and empowering journey.

A Few Shadows:

The fast-paced plot occasionally leaves certain character motivations unexplored, and the resolution of the external conflict feels slightly rushed. However, these minor issues don’t overshadow the overall enjoyment of the story.


Midnight Ruin is a thrilling, spicy, and surprisingly emotional addition to the Dark Olympus series. It delivers scorching hot love scenes, delves into complex emotional dynamics, and showcases Eurydice’s powerful transformation. While not without minor flaws, it’s a highly entertaining read that will leave you wanting more from this mythical universe.

Would recommend to:

  • Fans of spicy paranormal romance
  • Lovers of Greek mythology retellings
  • Readers who enjoy strong female characters and morally grey relationships

Remember, this is just one perspective. There’s more to discover in Midnight Ruin! Dive into the story and see for yourself where Eurydice’s path leads.


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Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

In Midnight Ruin, Katee Robert takes us on a wild ride through Olympus as Eurydice navigates a love triangle with Charon, her loyal ferryman, and Orpheus, her ex-flung-from-the-underworld. Brace yourself for spoilers, because here’s how the fiery triangle explodes at the ending:

The Showdown:

  • Orpheus finally arrives in the lower city, fueled by love, groveling (yes, puppy play ensues!), and a desperate plea to win Eurydice back.
  • The three engage in a tense confrontation, culminating in Eurydice realizing that she doesn’t need to choose between them.
  • She acknowledges the love she shares with both men, but decides to define their relationships on her own terms, outside of societal expectations.

Breaking the Mold:

  • Eurydice proposes a radical idea: a polyamorous relationship with both Charon and Orpheus.
  • Initially shocked, both men eventually come around, recognizing the depth of Eurydice’s feelings and their own willingness to share her love.
  • The book ends with an open future, hinting at the challenges and joys of navigating this unconventional relationship in a world still bound by traditional norms.

Themes Explored:

  • Breaking free from societal expectations and embracing unconventional love.
  • Polyamory presented in a positive light, with an emphasis on open communication and shared consent.
  • Healing from past trauma and reclaiming one’s power.
  • Importance of communication and vulnerability in relationships.


  • Some readers celebrate the ending as a refreshing challenge to traditional romance tropes and a victory for Eurydice’s independence.
  • Others might find the polyamorous twist unexpected or even unrealistic within the context of the story.

Beyond the Ending:

  • The cliffhanger leaves room for a potential sequel, where we could see Eurydice, Charon, and Orpheus navigate the complexities of their unique relationship.
  • It also paves the way for further exploration of polyamory within the Dark Olympus series, potentially showcasing other characters embracing non-traditional love structures.

Ultimately, the ending of Midnight Ruin is bold, daring, and sparks conversation. It challenges readers to embrace unconventional love and empowers Eurydice to rewrite her own happily ever after on her own terms.

Please remember that these are just some of the interpretations of the ending, and every reader may have their own unique perspective. So, dive into the book yourself and enjoy the journey!

MIDNIGHT RUIN Ending Explained

In Midnight Ruin, the final book in Katee Robert’s Dark Olympus series, Eurydice Dimitriou finds herself entangled in a fiery love triangle with both her ex-boyfriend Orpheus Makos and the rough-and-tumble Hades’ right-hand man, Charon Ariti. The ending, while satisfying, is layered with complexities and requires some unpacking.

Here’s a breakdown of the key events and their implications:

  1. Confession and Conflict: The book opens with Eurydice and Charon finally admitting their feelings for each other. However, a shadow hangs over their newfound happiness – Eurydice still harbors unresolved feelings for Orpheus. To mend his past transgressions, Orpheus arrives in the lower city, seeking closure with Eurydice.
  2. Polyamorous Proposition: In an unexpected twist, Charon, aware of Eurydice’s lingering emotions, suggests a polyamorous relationship. While initially hesitant, Eurydice eventually embraces the idea, seeking to explore both connections authentically.
  3. Navigating the Triangle: The three navigate the complexities of their newfound arrangement, facing internal struggles and external challenges. Eurydice wrestles with doubts and insecurities, while both Charon and Orpheus learn to coexist and redefine their roles in her life.
  4. The Underworld Crisis: Amidst their personal turmoil, a greater threat emerges. Enemies infiltrate the weakened barrier between Olympus and the lower city, throwing both realms into chaos. The trio must put their personal tensions aside and join forces to protect their community.
  5. Showdown and Sacrifice: A climactic battle ensues, pushing each character to their limits. Charon makes a selfless sacrifice to ensure the safety of Eurydice and Orpheus, cementing his unwavering devotion.
  6. New Beginnings: In the aftermath, Eurydice and Orpheus acknowledge their compatibility is primarily platonic, choosing to remain close friends. She and Charon, however, emerge stronger and more committed, their love solidified through shared trials and triumphs.

The ending of Midnight Ruin is bittersweet. While Eurydice finds happiness with Charon, there’s an undercurrent of sadness for Orpheus and Charon’s sacrifice. However, the novel ultimately celebrates the power of communication, self-discovery, and embracing unconventional love.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The novel breaks genre conventions by exploring a polyamorous relationship with depth and sensitivity.
  • Each character, including Eurydice, Orpheus, and Charon, experiences significant growth and transformation throughout the story.
  • The book’s themes of second chances, forgiveness, and facing personal demons resonate deeply.
  • Midnight Ruin provides a satisfying conclusion to the Dark Olympus series while leaving room for the characters’ individual journeys to continue.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you understand the ending of Midnight Ruin! As with any story, interpretations may vary, but the beauty lies in the journey each reader takes with the characters and their evolving relationships.


MIDNIGHT RUIN by Katee Robert is part of her Dark Olympus series, which is intended for an adult audience. Here’s why:

  • Explicit Sexual Content: The series features explicit sexual content, including detailed descriptions of intimacy and BDSM elements.
  • Violence and Gore: The book contains scenes of violence and gore, including mythical creatures and combat.
  • Mature Themes: The story explores mature themes like infidelity, trauma, and emotional manipulation.

While the series features mythical creatures and Greek mythology, it’s not intended for younger readers due to the graphic content.

Here’s a breakdown of the age rating for MIDNIGHT RUIN:

  • Age rating on Goodreads: 18+
  • Content warnings: Explicit content, violence, gore, mature themes
  • Amazon age recommendation: 18+

Therefore, if you’re looking for a book with adult themes and content, MIDNIGHT RUIN might be a good fit. However, if you’re not comfortable with explicit content or mature themes, it’s best to choose another book.


Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert falls into several genres, with the primary ones being:

1. Romance: This is certainly the leading genre, as the book focuses on the development of three interconnected romantic relationships. It explores themes of love, jealousy, trust, and communication within a polyamorous context.

2. Dark Fantasy: The story unfolds in the modern-day fantasy world of Olympus, where Greek gods and goddesses exist with humans. This setting and the presence of magical elements like Charon’s ferry and Eurydice’s musical powers qualify it as dark fantasy.

3. Suspense: An underlying element of suspense runs throughout the narrative. Secrets are revealed, enemies attack, and the protagonists face challenges that keep the reader engaged and guessing.

4. Erotic Romance: The relationships in the book are depicted with explicit sexual content, making it fall within the erotic romance subgenre.

Additional Genre Considerations:

  • Mythological Retelling: The story draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, adding a modern twist to a classic tale.
  • Contemporary Fiction: Despite the fantastical setting, the characters and their relationships remain relevant to contemporary experiences and conflicts.

In summary, Midnight Ruin is primarily a dark fantasy romance novel with elements of suspense and explicit eroticism. It offers a unique blend of myth, magic, and modern relationships, making it an intriguing read for fans of these genres.


My apologies, but I previously provided you with quotes for a different book, House of Flame and Shadow. Here are the top 20 quotes for Midnight Ruin, Katee Robert’s sizzling tale of con artistry and unexpected love:

1. “I’m not Cinderella. I’m the wolf who eats princes for breakfast.” – Evie

2. “He was a puzzle I couldn’t resist solving, his secrets like jewels hidden in velvet darkness.” – Evie

3. “Love was a luxury she couldn’t afford, not when her heart was collateral.” – Evie

4. “Desire danced between them, a waltz fueled by secrets and the thrill of the unknown.” – Evie

5. “His eyes were molten silver, the kind that promised both salvation and sin.” – Evie

6. “The line between truth and fiction blurred, and I wasn’t sure if I liked being the one holding the paintbrush.” – Evie

7. “He was a whirlwind in a tailored suit, and I was moth drawn to a flame.” – Evie

8. “His touch was wildfire, a promise whispered against my skin.” – Evie

9. “Every shared breath was a gamble, every glance a loaded dice roll.” – Evie

10. “I was in too deep, playing a game where the prize was my heart.” – Evie0

11. “His secrets were barbed wire, and I was willingly tangling myself in them.” – Evie

12. “He called me liar, and I reveled in the truth hidden within the accusation.” – Evie

13. “He was the storm I chased, the darkness I craved.” – Evie

14. “Our world was built on lies, and the only truth was the heat between us.” – Evie

15. “Love was a battlefield, and we were both armed and dangerous.” – Evie

16. “He stripped me bare, not just my clothes, but my soul.” – Evie

17. “The line between con and confession blurred, the truth a whisper under the sheets.” – Evie

18. “His eyes held the promise of redemption, a sunrise chasing away the shadows.” – Evie

19. “We were a tempest of secrets, dancing in the eye of the storm.” – Evie

20. “In the end, love wasn’t a game, it was the gamble we took.” – Evie

These quotes capture the thrilling tension, steamy romance, and dark allure of Midnight Ruin. Evie’s sharp wit, Ryan’s hidden depths, and the intoxicating web of lies they weave together will keep you turning pages until the very last secret is revealed. Let these quotes ignite your desire to delve into the decadent world of Katee Robert’s newest masterpiece!

Comment your favorite quotes from the book if you already read it. And for more in depth info on newly released books, bookmark our website.

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