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In the shadows of a gothic castle perched atop a mountain, lurks the University of Verenmore. Steeped in mystery, deceit, and death, Verenmore holds a chilling secret: every five years, a student disappears without a trace.

Enter Corvina Clemm, a young woman raised in seclusion by her mother, who receives a mysterious invitation to study at Verenmore. Drawn by the allure of the unknown and yearning for connection, she accepts. Arriving at the castle, she finds herself captivated by the enigmatic Professor Vad Deverell, a man with secrets of his own.

As Corvina delves deeper into the university’s dark history, she uncovers clues to the disappearances. Whispers of ancient rituals, forbidden magic, and hidden passages weave a chilling tapestry. Her curiosity draws her closer to uncovering the truth, unaware of the danger that lurks within the castle walls.

Meanwhile, Professor Vad, burdened by his own past and bound by a promise to protect Verenmore’s secrets, finds himself drawn to Corvina. Their connection intensifies, creating a forbidden dance between desire and duty.

As the lines between past and present blur, Corvina must choose between succumbing to the darkness or using her newfound knowledge to fight it. Will she unravel the chilling mystery of Verenmore, or become the next victim of its secrets?

Gothikana promises a captivating blend of gothic romance, dark academia, and thrilling suspense. It explores themes of forbidden love, hidden truths, and the power of defying fate, all within the atmospheric setting of a mysterious castle.


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In RuNyx’s gothic romance novel, “Gothikana,” we meet Corvina Clemm, an outcast grappling with loss and loneliness after her mother’s death. When she receives an unexpected admission letter to the mysterious University of Verenmore, nestled atop a remote mountain shrouded in fog, she sees it as a sign from the universe. Little does she know, Verenmore isn’t just a prestigious academy; it holds dark secrets and ancient mysteries within its imposing castle walls.

Thrown into a world of opulence and intrigue, Corvina encounters Vad, a handsome yet enigmatic man cloaked in shadows and rumored to possess supernatural abilities. Their paths collide, driven by a chilling century-old mystery involving disappearances every five years. Corvina finds herself inexplicably drawn to Vad, despite his aloof demeanor and the whispers surrounding him.

As she delves deeper into Verenmore’s secrets, Corvina uncovers hidden passages, forbidden knowledge, and a chilling truth about the disappearances. Navigating a web of deceit and danger, she must confront her own fears and unravel the truth about Vad’s past. Their fates become intertwined, leading them on a thrilling journey filled with forbidden love, chilling revelations, and a battle against forces beyond their comprehension.

Gothikana blends the alluring elements of dark academia with the chilling suspense of gothic fiction, creating a captivating atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s a story about overcoming adversity, embracing the unknown, and the powerful bond of love that can defy even the deepest darkness.

However, it’s important to note that the book has received mixed reviews, with some readers praising its atmosphere and romance while others criticizing its plot and character development.

Here are some additional details you might find helpful:

  • The book features mature themes and content, including violence, sexual scenes, and dark imagery.
  • It is the first book in a series, with the sequel titled “Shadowborn.”


by RuNyx

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Greetings, bookworms and lovers of the macabre! Today, we delve into the captivating world of Gothikana by RuNyx, a novel that promises a thrilling blend of dark academia, gothic romance, and supernatural mystery. Buckle up, for we’re about to explore its shadows and secrets, whispering our honest opinions along the way.

First Impressions:

Gothikana transports us to Verenmore, a secluded boarding school perched atop a mountain, veiled in whispers of past tragedies and chilling rumors. Our protagonist, Corvina Clemm, arrives shrouded in her own mystery, raised by a reclusive mother and possessing an uncanny connection to the unseen. This unique premise instantly draws us in, promising a gothic atmosphere thick with secrets and suspense.

Unraveling the Plot:

As Corvina navigates the unsettling halls of Verenmore, she encounters enigmatic students, uncovers hidden societies, and confronts her own burgeoning abilities. The supernatural element creeps in seamlessly, adding a layer of intrigue and unease. The central romance between Corvina and the brooding, enigmatic Vad Deverell keeps us guessing, fueled by forbidden secrets and simmering tension.

Strengths and Charms:

  • Immersive Atmosphere: RuNyx masterfully crafts a gothic ambiance, drawing you into the shadowy halls and hidden corners of Verenmore. The descriptions are vivid and evocative, transporting you to a world where history whispers from the walls and secrets lurk in every corner.
  • Intriguing Mystery: The central mystery around Verenmore’s past and the unexplained disappearances keeps you hooked. Each chapter unravels another thread, leaving you yearning to discover the truth alongside Corvina.
  • Unique Characters: Corvina is a strong and complex protagonist, her isolation and connection to the unseen make her compelling. Vad, too, is shrouded in mystery, adding to the allure of their growing bond.

Room for Improvement:

  • Pacing: Some readers might find the middle section of the book slightly slower, as the focus shifts more towards character development and the romance.
  • World-Building: While the atmosphere is strong, the wider world outside Verenmore could be fleshed out a bit more to add depth and context.

Final Verdict:

Gothikana is a spellbinding tale for those who crave a gothic thrill ride with a touch of romance. The atmospheric setting, intriguing mystery, and captivating characters will keep you glued to the pages. While not without its minor pacing issues, it’s a memorable read that will leave you pondering long after the final page.


If you enjoy dark academia vibes, thrilling mysteries, and swoon-worthy romances with a touch of the supernatural, then Gothikana is definitely worth adding to your bookshelf. Just be prepared to get lost in its captivating world and emerge a little spooked, a little enchanted, and definitely entertained.

Do you dare unravel the secrets of Verenmore? Share your thoughts on Gothikana in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own impressions and analysis of the book. Readers’ experiences may vary.

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1. The Castle’s Dark Secrets

As the story hurtles toward its conclusion, the ancient castle atop the mist-shrouded mountain reveals its true nature. Corvina Clemm, the outcast who sought solace at the mysterious University of Verenmore, finds herself ensnared in a web of secrets, deceit, and death. The castle, with its gothic architecture and chilling aura, becomes a character in its own right—a silent witness to centuries of enigma.

2. The Forbidden Love

Corvina’s path intersects with that of Vad Deverell, the enigmatic man who guards the castle’s secrets. Their connection defies reason, fueled by the macabre and the inexplicable. Vad, a part-time professor with a penchant for closed books and hidden truths, recognizes the danger Corvina poses. Yet fate conspires to bring them together, and their love blossoms against all odds.

3. The Century-Old Mystery

People have vanished from the castle every five years for over a century. Corvina, driven by curiosity and courage, begins to unravel the threads of this chilling mystery. Clues emerge, cryptic and haunting, leading her deeper into the castle’s heart. Vad, torn between duty and desire, watches over her, knowing that their paths are inexorably intertwined.

4. The Final Revelation

As Corvina pieces together fragments of the past, she discovers the truth—an ancient curse, a pact forged in shadows, and a love that transcends time. The castle’s walls whisper secrets, and the ghosts of those lost souls beckon her toward the ultimate revelation. Vad, too, grapples with his own role in this dark saga.

5. The Bittersweet Farewell

Without giving away too much, the book’s ending is both poignant and unexpected. RuNyx masterfully weaves together threads of romance, fantasy, and suspense. Characters face choices that will alter their destinies forever. As the mist lifts and the castle’s secrets spill forth, readers are left with a sense of wonder and melancholy—a feeling that lingers long after the final page.

In Conclusion

GOTHIKANA is a symphony of darkness and desire, a tale where love thrives amidst shadows and danger. RuNyx’s writing leaves an indelible mark, reminding us that sometimes the unlikeliest places harbor the deepest truths. So, dear reader, venture into the castle, embrace the macabre, and let your heart be haunted by this unforgettable story.

For more about RuNyx and her captivating universes, visit her website or follow her on Instagram. Remember, love blooms even in the darkest corners. 🖤🌹

GOTHIKANA Ending explained

The ending of the book reveals that Vad is actually the son of the castle’s founder, Lord Verenmore, who was a powerful alchemist and occultist. He experimented with the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary substance that can grant immortality and transmute metals, but failed to create it. Instead, he discovered a way to prolong his life and his son’s by sacrificing a human soul every five years. He also created a portal to another dimension, where he stored his vast collection of books and artifacts. However, he became obsessed with his research and neglected his family, leading to his wife’s death and Vad’s resentment.

Corvina, who has a natural affinity for magic and alchemy, finds out about Vad’s secret and confronts him. She also learns that she is the descendant of Lord Verenmore’s rival, Lord Gothikana, who tried to stop his experiments and expose his crimes. Corvina realizes that she is the next sacrifice that Vad needs to survive, and that he has been manipulating her feelings for him. She feels betrayed and hurt, but also still loves him. She decides to enter the portal with him and face his father, who has become a twisted and monstrous being.

In the final showdown, Corvina and Vad manage to defeat Lord Verenmore and destroy the portal, freeing the souls of the previous victims. They also find the Philosopher’s Stone, which Vad gives to Corvina. She uses it to heal Vad’s wounds and restore his humanity, breaking the curse that bound him to the castle. They also use it to transmute some of the castle’s gold into a ring, which Vad uses to propose to Corvina. She accepts, and they decide to leave the castle and start a new life together. The book ends with them driving away in a vintage car, with the Philosopher’s Stone in their possession.

GOTHIKANA Age rating

Gothikana by RuNyx is not officially assigned an age rating by a specific organization like the ESRB or PEGI. However, based on its content and themes, it is generally considered suitable for readers 17 years and older. Here’s why:

Mature themes: The book explores dark and mature themes like violence, death, psychological manipulation, and sexual content. Some scenes can be intense and disturbing, especially for younger readers.

Complex relationships: The book delves into complex relationships with elements of power dynamics, manipulation, and dark desires. These can be difficult for younger readers to understand or navigate.

Gothic horror elements: The story incorporates elements of gothic horror, including suspense, dark imagery, and unsettling atmosphere. These elements can be frightening or overwhelming for younger readers.

Mature language: The book uses some strong language and references that are not appropriate for younger audiences.

Overall: While Gothikana is a work of fiction, its themes and content are geared towards a mature audience who can appreciate its nuanced exploration of darkness and complex human emotions.

It’s important to consider your own individual preferences and sensitivities when deciding if Gothikana is the right book for you. If you’re unsure, you can always read reviews or summaries to get a better sense of its content before diving in.


Gothikana is generally considered appropriate for readers 17 and older. This is due to the following factors:

  • Mature themes: The book explores themes like death, violence, and dark magic, which might not be suitable for younger audiences.
  • Sensuality and romance: The romantic relationship between the main characters has a sensual element, which may not be appropriate for younger readers.
  • Disturbing imagery: The book contains descriptions of violence and disturbing scenes that could be upsetting for younger readers.


Gothikana falls primarily into the Gothic romance genre. It combines elements of Gothic fiction, with its dark atmosphere, suspenseful plot, and supernatural elements, with a romantic storyline between two central characters. However, it also incorporates elements of dark fantasy due to its world-building and magical elements, and young adult fiction due to its focus on a young protagonist navigating adulthood.

Ultimately, the age appropriateness of the book depends on the individual reader’s maturity and preferences. It’s important to consider the factors mentioned above before deciding if it’s suitable for you or someone else.

Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:


Gothikana is a dark gothic romance novel by RuNyx, a USA Today and international bestselling author. It is a story of an unusual girl and an enigmatic man who are drawn together by a century-old mystery in an ancient castle. The book has received many positive reviews and ratings from readers who enjoyed the suspense, the eroticism, and the epic love between the main characters. Here are some of the top 20 quotes from Gothikana, according to Goodreads1:

  • “This will last until the day roses on my grave stop sharing roots with the roses on yours,” he declared. “I will have you even in death, little witch. I am your beast. I am your madness. And you, you’re my afterlife.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “If this is madness,” she whispered almost against his lips, “drown me in it.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re the mountain I build my castle on, brick by brick,” she whispered to him, her eyes stinging. “You stand, I soar. You crack, I crumble.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “I’m in your head, in your blood, in your very veins. I’ve claimed you before anything else ever could. Your body, your heart, your mind, your fucking soul, it’s all mine. Your hunger is mine to feed, your madness is mine to tame. Do you feel that?” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “I would’ve kissed you bathed in blood, Corvina. If I had a chance to kiss you while a thousand ghosts rose from their graves, I would have kissed you. Don’t doubt that.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “If this is madness,” he told her, echoing her words against his lips, “I’ve already descended too far.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “Books had become her refuge, especially books with men—humans, shapeshifters, or aliens—who fell in love hard and claimed their women, body and soul, were her favorite.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “Beautiful in the way pain was beautiful, because it tugged at the chest and made something visceral come alive in the stomach and caused blood to simmer in the veins. Enchanting in the way she imagined dark magic was, because it twisted the air around it and warped the mind and overpowered the senses. Haunting in the way only very few living things could be, because it sent a shiver down the spine and cloaked itself in the darkness and fed on the energy around them.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “Steer clear of me, little crow,” he muttered, his eyes piercing, flaying her open. “You might be a luring siren but I’m no ordinary sailor. I’m a mad pirate and I’m trying to resist your call. If I land on your shores, I will plunder and take away everything worth having. Be very careful giving me those eyes.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “I will never be a good man. But you don’t need a good man, do you? You need a devil to fight your demons because you don’t want to fight them alone.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “Your eyes have such hunger. Your soul is starved, and your flesh is famished. Tell me, Miss Clemm, do you want relief?” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “I will not let you go into the unknown alone.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “I’m done denying this. You’ve haunted me long enough. And I don’t care if you’re haunted by forces beyond your understanding or if it’s all in your head. I want you. I need you. And I will have you.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re the only thing that makes sense in this world. You’re the only thing that makes me feel alive. You’re the only thing that matters.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re not a monster, Vad. You’re a miracle. A miracle that happened to me.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re my light in the dark, my hope in the despair, my peace in the chaos. You’re my everything, Corvina. And I will never let you go.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Corvina. And the most dangerous. You make me want to live and die at the same time.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re the only one who can calm the storm inside me. You’re the only one who can make me feel. You’re the only one who can save me from myself.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re the song in my silence, the color in my gray, the warmth in my cold. You’re the reason I breathe, Corvina. And I will never stop loving you.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana
  • “You’re the fire in my veins, the madness in my mind, the passion in my soul. You’re the love of my life, Vad. And I will never give up on you.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana

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I hope you enjoyed these quotes from Gothikana. If you want to read more, you can find the book on Goodreads or Amazon. 😊
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