20 Free AI headshot generator in 2024

Headshot Hero: Slay the Profile Pic Game with Free AI in 2024

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stared at a blank profile picture, wishing you had the magic (and budget) for a professional headshot. Guilty as charged! But guess what, comrades? are there any free ai headshot generator ? The selfie struggle is officially over because free AI headshot {20 Free AI headshot generator in 2024} generators are taking 2024 by storm!

That’s right, folks. Free. AI-powered. Headshots. Picture this: you, rocking a professional look that screams “get me hired” or “ace that presentation,” all without ever stepping foot in a studio. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Buckle up, friends, because we’re about to deep-dive into the top 20 free AI headshot generators that’ll transform you from profile pic zero to hero:

20 Free AI headshot generator in 2024

#1 Fotor: Your One-Stop Headshot Shop

Think endless styles, from sleek professional to artistic flair. Fotor lets you generate headshots from uploaded pics or text prompts, giving you the power to channel your inner boss or unleash your inner artist. Bonus: it’s super user-friendly, even for tech newbies like me.

#2 Media.io AI Headshot Generator: Quick & Easy Headshot Fix

Need a headshot in a flash? Media.io is your jam. It whips up realistic headshots perfect for resumes, social media, or business cards. You can even tweak the background and clothing to match your vibe. Just remember, the free plan has limitations, so think of it as your headshot quickie fix.

#3 Headshot.ai: The Perfectionist’s Playground

Craving hyper-realistic results? Headshot.ai is your new BFF. It lets you play with lighting, expressions, and even hairstyles to craft the perfect “me, but better” image. Just be warned, the free plan is a bit like a fancy appetizer – it leaves you wanting more (aka, you’ll likely need to upgrade for all the cool features).

#4 Simplified: Embrace the AI Art Attack

Ditch the boring, embrace the wildly creative with Simplified. This generator uses fancy AI models like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion to create headshots that are anything but ordinary. Think Van Gogh meets LinkedIn – perfect for those who march to the beat of their own artistic drum.

The Top 5 Free AI Headshot Generators:

GeneratorKey FeaturesFree PlanProsConsUsabilityAvailability
FotorGenerate headshots from uploaded images or text prompts, professional & artistic styles5 basic headshotsUser-friendly, diverse styles, good qualityFree plan limitations, watermarkBeginner-friendlyWeb
Media.io AI Headshot GeneratorRealistic headshots for resumes, social media, & business cards, background & clothing customization5 headshots with limited editingQuick & easy, good for basic headshotsLimited free plan features, less realistic than othersSimple interfaceWeb
Headshot.aiProfessional headshots with varied lighting, expressions, & hairstyles1 headshot with limited editingRealistic results, multiple customization optionsLimited free plan features, expensive for extended useMedium complexityWeb
SimplifiedUnique & creative headshots using DALL-E 2 & Stable Diffusion AI, artistic styles5 AI headshot generationsHighly creative, AI model varietyNot for traditional professional headshots, limited controlSome technical understandingWeb
InstaSizeGenerate headshots & edit existing photos with tools & filtersLimited features, watermarks on edited photosEasy to use, mobile app, fun editing toolsLimited free plan features, watermarks can be distractingBeginner-friendlyWeb & Mobile App

#5 InstaSize: The Mobile Mastermind

Headshot on the go? No problem! InstaSize has you covered with its handy mobile app and web interface. Generate headshots, edit existing photos with fun filters and tools, and rock your online presence from anywhere. Just be mindful of the free plan limitations and those pesky watermarks.

#6 HotPot AI: Simmer Up the Perfect Look

HotPot simmers up professional headshots with a variety of outfits, backgrounds, and even accessories. Think business formal in a tropical paradise? HotPot’s got you covered. Just be prepared to dish out a few extra bucks if you crave all the fancy toppings.

#7 Profile Bakery: Freshly Baked Headshots for Every Platform

Craving a LinkedIn masterpiece or a social media stunner? Profile Bakery whips up custom headshots for all your online destinations. Think Swiss quality with diverse styles, ready to impress any audience. Just remember, like a gourmet bakery, quality comes at a cost – think paid plans for the extra sprinkles.

#8 LightX: The Selfie Savior

Transform that awkward selfie into a polished pro-pic with LightX. It lets you swap backgrounds, add makeup (virtually, thank goodness!), and even try on different clothes. Think of it as your ultimate digital makeover buddy. Just be aware, free magic only goes so far – you might need to pay to unlock all the hidden tricks.

#9 Remove.bg: The Background Eraser with a Headshot Bonus

Okay, technically not a headshot generator, but hear me out! Remove.bg magically erases pesky backgrounds, letting you seamlessly place your existing headshot into any professional scene. Think beachside business meeting or mountaintop interview – the possibilities are endless! Plus, the free plan is pretty generous, just don’t expect AI-generated magic here.

#10 Lensa AI: Unleash Your Inner Filter Fiend

Already have a headshot you love? Lensa AI adds the spice with artistic filters and styles. Think vintage vibes, watercolor dreamscapes, or even cartoon transformations. It’s the perfect way to inject some personality into your existing pic. Just be prepared for watermarks in the free plan – think of them as artistic signatures!

#11 NightCafe Creator: Dreamy Headshots That Defy Reality

Want a headshot that’s equal parts professional and out-of-this-world? NightCafe conjures up artistic portraits using text prompts and different AI styles. Think starry-eyed astronaut or cyberpunk CEO – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Just remember, free spells only unlock a glimpse of the dreamworld – upgrading grants you access to even more artistic galaxies.

#12 RunwayML: The Tech-Savvy Headshot Alchemist

For those who love tinkering and tweaking, RunwayML is your playground. This tool offers a powerful AI toolkit for image editing and generation, and yes, that includes headshots! Think custom lighting, facial morphing, and intricate detail control – it’s like Photoshop on steroids, powered by AI. Just be warned, learning this magic takes a bit of dedication – think potions professor, not instant gratification.

#13 DALL-E Mini: The Quirky AI Muse for the Unconventional

Craving a headshot that’s as unique as you are? DALL-E Mini takes your text prompts and spits out AI-generated images that are often hilarious, bizarre, and surprisingly insightful. Think talking dog CEO or underwater ballerina – your wildest ideas come to life in pixelated glory. Just be prepared for a bit of randomness – think fortune cookie wisdom, not a crystal-clear vision.

#14 Midjourney: Journey into the Artistic AI Abyss

Midjourney paints surreal and captivating portraits using text prompts. Think Dali meets LinkedIn, with melting clocks and dreamlike landscapes as your backdrop. It’s the perfect tool for unleashing your inner artist and crafting a headshot that sparks conversation. Just be warned, the journey can be a bit trippy – think navigating a Salvador Dali painting, not a predictable headshot assembly line.

#15 Vance AI: Anime Avatars for the Inner Otaku

If your soul beats to the rhythm of anime, Vance AI is your spirit guide. This tool generates anime-style portraits and avatars based on your descriptions. Think fiery-haired ninja accountant or bookish wizard professor – your anime alter ego awaits! Just remember, the free plan limits you to simpler styles – mastering the art of the ultimate anime headshot might require a paid spell.

#16 FaceApp: The Filter Fiesta for Existing Flawlessness

Already have a selfie you love but crave a little digital polish? FaceApp is your makeover bestie. It offers a smorgasbord of filters, beauty tools, and even age progression features. Think subtle enhancements or dramatic transformations – the choice is yours! Just remember, free magic comes with watermarks – think of them as temporary tattoos that wash away with an upgrade.

#17 Reface: Swap Faces, Rule Memes, Embrace Chaos

Feeling playful? Reface lets you swap your face onto celebrities, historical figures, and even animals! Think dancing with Beyoncé or starring in a cat food commercial – the possibilities are as hilarious as they are endless. Just remember, this is more about meme-making than professional headshots – think party trick, not polished portfolio piece.

#18 Remini: The Pixel Perfectionist for Photo Rejuvenation

Got some old or blurry photos gathering dust? Remini brings them back to life with AI-powered enhancement. Think faded family photos transformed into crisp memories or grainy selfies smoothed into pixelated perfection. Just remember, free spells have their limits – think quick touch-ups, not complete restorations.

#19 Artbreeder: The Digital Painter for the Inner Picasso

Embrace your inner Van Gogh with Artbreeder. This tool lets you experiment with artistic styles, colors, and textures to create portraits that are anything but ordinary. Think abstract swirls or impressionistic brushstrokes – your artistic vision takes center stage. Just be prepared for a steeper learning curve – think art studio, not instant headshot generator.

#20 Vance AI Avatars: Create a Multiverse of You

Vance AI isn’t just for anime fans! This tool also lets you generate realistic portrait avatars in various styles. Think business casual with a sci-fi twist or historical royalty with a modern edge – explore different versions of yourself in the digital universe. Just remember, the free plan offers limited options – unlocking the full spectrum of avatars might require a paid incantation.

20 Free AI headshot generator in 2024


With this final batch of 20 Free AI headshot generator in 2024, you have a veritable arsenal at your disposal! Go forth, experiment, create, and show the world the many facets of your online persona. Don’t forget to share your favorite generators, your headshot triumphs, and even your AI-generated mishaps in the comments below. Together, we’ll paint the digital world with our pixelated masterpieces!

AI Headshot GeneratorKey FeaturesFree PlanProsConsUsabilityAvailability
HeadshotProOffers a plethora of styles, backdrops, and shotsYesWide variety of stylesTakes time for the serviceEasy to useOnline
Aragon AICreates a custom AI face model based on the images you provideYesOffers different stylesRequires a minimum of 12 selfiesSimple processOnline
HotPot AIOffers up to 40 headshots at just $10YesAffordableLimited stylesUser-friendlyOnline
PFPMakerCreates business headshots from just one photoYesInstant deliveryLimited stylesEasy to useOnline
FotorCreates professional and realistic HD AI headshotsYesVariety of stylesLimited customizationUser-friendlyOnline

Bonus Tip: For artistic souls, explore Artbreeder and Dream by WOMBO to create portraits that scream “individuality!”

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